Furniture of the World, specialist in furniture import from India, Thailand, Vietnam, Tibet, Indonesia Bali, in noble woods, cedar, irocco, rosewood, teak. Figures of Budha, Ganesha, goddesses, pictures and carvings. Auxiliary furniture, bedrooms, dining rooms, garden furniture, antique doors, mirrors of all styles, decorative objects, marble statues, terracotta and volcanic stone. Handmade tapestries and cushions in many styles. Fashion clothes and accessories.

Specializing in unique furniture from India and China, Turkish lamps, statues and panels from Thailand, a large selection of Buddha’s, precious architectural elements and decorative accessories that bring a zen feel and a rustic, natural and ethnic style to the interiors and exteriors.

If you are decorator, architect, you are responsible for a hotel chain or a hotel business you can benefit from a very exclusive discount.


For lounges, gardens and wherever you can imagine.

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Modern and design kitchens. Get inspired in them!

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With our kitchens you will not have problems of space or structure of your floor, since we have a department that will fit your needs with our modular kitchens

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